Reach Your Fitness Goals With Personalized 30-Day Challenges

Connect your Fitbit.
We'll Deliver a box with Unique Challenges Monthly.

ChallengeBox evaluates at your Fitbit activity and your Fitness goals to deliver fun 30-Day challenges that will keep you motivated.


Avoid workout boredom. You’ll receive a new workout that will keep you pumped about working out.

Healthy Snacks

Snacking healthy is hard. Every month you’ll receive a sampling healthy snacks included in your ChallengeBox.

Workout gear

Get awesome gear to power your workouts and reach your goals. Everything from t-shirts to unique exercise equipment.


Get rewarded when you reach your goals. Earn cool prizes while getting in shape!

Are you ready to challenge yourself and reach your goals?

Fitness Challenges Tailored to Your Goals

Smarter Fitness is Here

Let’s face it, getting and staying in shape is hard. You have to figure out the right workout plan for you. You have to eat the right foods, and you have to stay motivated when life gets in the way.

ChallengeBox analyzes your Fitbit activity to deliver a monthly challenge that goes way beyond the standard Fitbit step challenges. Your 30-day challenge is personalized just for you. You’ll also receive fitness apparel and equipment, and healthy snacks.

ChallengeBox makes achieving your Fitness goals fun!


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