100 of the Best Free Workout Video Channels

We’ve found the top 100 workout video channels on YouTube!  These workout video channels are totally free.  Choose from HIIT, barre, running, yoga, and more!

The Best Workout Video Channels on YouTube

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General Workout Video Channels

1. Blogilates

Casey Ho’s Blogilates is one of the premier video channels on Youtube get workouts that will help you tone up every part of your body.

Blogilates Youtube Video Channel

Blogilates Website


XHIT workouts are focused on helping you tone your body.

XHIT Youtube Video Channel

XHIT Website

3. Fitness Blender

This husband and wife team create quality workout videos that range from HIIT to pilates.

Fitness Blender Youtube Video Channel

Fitness Blender Website

4. POPSUGAR Fitness

POPSUGAR’s workout channel is one of the best on Youtube. They have videos from fitness celebrities such as Kayla Itsines, as well as others. The majority of the exercises in this channel are focused on weight loss.

POPSUGAR Youtube Video Channel

5. Womens Workout Channel

Women’s workout channel has exercises focused on body sculpting and toning.

Women’s Workout Youtube Video Channel

Women’s Workout Website

6. Tiffany Rothe Fitclub

Tiffany’s workouts are easy workouts that use items such as furniture you already have to give you a great workout.

Tiffany Rothe Youtube Video Channel

Tiffany Rothe Website

7. Joanna Soh

Joanna’s workouts are focused on toning but are easy on the body. They focus on low impact exercises.


Joanna Soh Youtube Video Channel

Joanna Soh Website

8.Tone It Up

Tone it Up from Katrina and Karena is a fun Youtube channel with videos that will give you energy and get you in shape.

Tone It Up Youtube Video Channel

Tone It Up Website

9. Gymra

The Gymra channel has various workouts ranging from Pilates to Yoga all focused on getting you toned.


Gymra Youtube Video Channel

Gymra Website

10. Zuzka Light

Zuzka’s 5 minute workouts are quick workouts, that will help you get toned faster.

Zuzka Light Youtube Video Channel

Zuzka Light Website

11. HASfit

HASfit’s elite online personal trainers provide free video workouts that you can do at home, outside, or in the gym.

HASfit Youtube Video Channel

HASfit Website

12. Anastasiya Craze

Follow Anastasiya’s workouts for targeted workouts to tone those hard to reach body parts.

Anastasiya Craze Youtube Video Channel

Anastasiya Craze Website 

13. Athlean-XX

Athean-XX Workouts focus on helping our women develop strong, toned muscles that are lean, and athletic.

Athlean-XX Youtube Video Channel

Athlean-XX Website

14. Sarah Fit

Sara’s fun workouts are easy to follow, and focus on overall health.

Sarah Fit Youtube Video Channel

Sarah Fit Website

15. IconUK

Icon UK’s workouts range from beginner to advanced. Their channel hosts videos that range from dance workouts to short ab workouts. You’ll find quite a bit of variety here.

IconUK Youtube Video Channel

16. Steady Health

Steady Health has detailed workouts for every body part imaginable. Many of the workouts do require equipment.

Steady Fit Youtube Video Channel

Steady Health Website

17. Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill’s workout videos are focused on body weight only. Her workouts focus on losing fat in areas such as your belly or arms.

Natlie Jill Youtube Video Channel

Natalie Jill Website

18. Autumn Calabrese

Autumn’s workouts are fast paced and energetic. They’ll get build your strength and get your heart going.

19. Rebecca Louise

Rebecca Louise’s workouts are under 10 minutes and targeted for body parts you want to tone up.

Rebecca Louise Youtube Video Channel

Rebecca Louise Website

20. Chloe Ting

Chloe’s workouts are focused on body sculpting and toning.

Chloe Ting Youtube Video Channel

Chloe Ting Website


21. eFit30

eFit30 has dozens of Pilates and Yoga exercise videos. They are also one of the few channels that offer Primal movement workouts.

eFit30 Youtube Video Channel

eFit 30 Website

22. Bodyfit by Amy

Amy has lots of full body workouts including prenatal and postnatal workouts.

Bodyfit by Amy Youtube Video Channel

Bodyfit by Amy Website

23.Tracy Campoli

Tracy’s high energy fitness workouts are fun and they’ll help work your entire body out.

Tracy Campoli Youtube Video Channel

Tracy Campoli Website

24. Lucy Wyndham-Read

Lucy’s workouts are fast and easy to fit into your every day routine.

Lucy Wyndham-Read Youtube Video Channel

25. Amanda Russell – Fit Strong and Sexy

Fit Strong and Sexy are fun cardio workouts that are usually shorter than 10 minutes.

Fit Strong and Sexy Youtube Video Channel

Fit Strong and Sexy Website