10 Easy Steps to Syncing your Fitbit with the Weight Watchers App

Many people ask whether they can sync their Fitbit with Weight Watchers.The answer is yes! Using Fit bit with Weight Watchers has never been easier.  When you sync your Fit bit with the Weight Watchers app it will automatically calculate your FitPoints from your Fitbit activity. Here’s how to sync Fitbit with the Weight Watchers app with[…]

I realized my startup might be killing me.

I love building startups. Creating products and solving people’s problems is what I do best. In fact, starting ChallengeBox was a completely unintentional side project and it’s been fun watching it grow. I also really enjoy working out. I run 15-20 miles and workout 3-4 days per week. I pride myself on being in shape and[…]

How to STILL win your Weekend Step Challenge during a Winter Storm

The first major snowstorm has hit the northeast. As you watch the snow fall, you’re probably thinking. “How in the world am I going to keep my step crown”. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Just because it’s cold and blistery outside there’s no excuse for forfeitting your Weekend Warrior challenge. Here fun ways to keep[…]

Be part of Science – Join the Only Human Fitness Project

Popular Radio Show and podcast Only Human has partnered with author and behavioral scientist Dan Ariely to learn what motivates people to exercise more, and you can participate! How does it work? Download the app Use it from January 5th until the end of February That’s it! The results of the study will be announced on March 8th.[…]

The Fit Bit Buyer’s Manual

Deciding which Fitbit activity tracker to buy can be a difficult decision. Not to worry, we’re here to answer your questions with the Fitbit buyer’s manual. Here’s a breakdown of each Fitbit activity tracker with their Features and Pricing. Fitbit Zip      Fitbit Zip is the entry-level wireless activity tracker. It allows you to track the most[…]