How to STILL win your Weekend Step Challenge during a Winter Storm

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The first major snowstorm has hit the northeast. As you watch the snow fall, you’re probably thinking. “How in the world am I going to keep my step crown”. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Just because it’s cold and blistery outside there’s no excuse for forfeitting your Weekend Warrior challenge. Here fun ways to keep dominating your Fitbit step challenges.

1. Invite a friend over for a cozy treadmill session.

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2. It’s the perfect time to get those chores done that you’ve been avoiding.

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3. Offer to do this shoveling this time. Or at least give moral support.

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4. Don’t forget to get your killer stair workout in.

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5. It’s finally time to show off that Elsa impersonation you’ve got deep down inside.

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6. Get the quality time with the family you’ve been yearning by getting in a good couple of hours of duck duck goose.

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7. Netflix was invented for Blizzards. Get cozy with Kevin Bacon and have a Footloose dance-alonig.

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8. You can finally start to practice for your 2018 Winter Olympic bobsled team tryouts. 

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9. You can still run your errands…break out that old set of cross-country skis. 

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10. Practice your moonwalk like this kid.



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Stay Warm!

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