Featured Fitness Trainer: Tiffany Rothe

Tiffany Rothe has one of the most popular YouTube video channels for fitness. Her workouts are easy to follow along with and are great for people of all fitness levels.  We get a look at her day to day life, and her opinions on dieting.

Q. Where are you from?  Where do you live currently?

 I am from Los Angeles, California. I live in Beverly Hills, California. 

Q. What types of exercise do you focus on if any?

I do my own workouts which is a combination of dance, boxing, sculpting, plyometrics and yoga. 

Q. Do you have a fitness philosophy?  

Yes, I live by my philosophy: TRAIN the Mind, WORK the Body, LIFT the Spirit. Many people think that fitness is about the body, but it starts in the mind. One has to make a decision to be fit and then make choices on a daily basis to support that decision. Those daily choices help determine what your physical body will look like. Yet, the greatest gift of all is the lift that a healthy lifestyle gives to your spirit.

Tiffany Rothe Fitness Trainer - ChallengeBox

Q. What advice would you give to novices?

Never let 3 days go by without working out.

Q. Why did you get into health and fitness?

When I was 18 started gaining weight, so I joined a gym. The teacher was so motivating I wanted to be like her. When I finally got through her class with ease, I applied for a job there.

Q. Who is your typical day like?

I wake up at 6:30 and get my 2 daughters ready for school, which includes breakfast and a healthy packed lunch. When my husband is not traveling for work, he does breakfast and takes them to school, in which case I sleep in longer. Yeah! At 9:30 I film a workout for my online gym the.  At the moment I train a few clients so they come after my workout from 11-12.Then from 12-4 I check my emails, take meetings and read all the posts from the Tiffany Rothe Fit Club. I try to get an hour of “me time” in before 5 when the girls come home. Then it becomes a juggling act of shopping, cooking, bath-time,  social media and finally collapsing on the couch with my husband!

Q. What’s one health or fitness product you can’t live without?

I use my own body weight a lot for working out  however, I can’t live without my 5 pound hand weights, they work miracles. 

Q. What are your opinions about diets?

I don’t even use the word diet. It has so many negative connotations. It is associated with hunger, deprivation, previous failure and  un-fulfillment. I use the words  “Food Plan” because those words encourage you to make a decision, plan for success and make healthy choices.  I really prefer to eat whole fresh foods in combination with lean protein and I eat a lot of eggs!

Q. What’s the one mistake/misconception that many people make about health and fitness? 

People believe that fitness  is a goal, when it is actually a lifestyle. Fitness people are always thinking about planning their next healthy meal. They also feel incomplete when they don’t get the adrenalin rush working out creates. Fitness is a lifelong commitment. You get married to your well-being.

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