November 14, 2016

7 Reasons Why Fitbit Owners Consistently Lose Weight with ChallengeBox

Find out why members say it’s easier for them to lose weight with ChallengeBox.

1. The personal challenge helps them become more active.

ChallengeBox members don’t just count steps. They get challenged on on their distance traveled and how many minutes they are active each day. It keeps them on track and it’s just fun. Members are 20% more active once they join ChallengeBox.

By becoming more active they burn more calories helping them lose weight.

2. The weekly step challenges are fun and competitive.

They get motivated to take extra steps each day by seeing where they are on the leaderboard.

ChallengeBox Weekly Step Challenges

3. They use the monthly meal plan to manage their diet.

Our members who use the ChallengeBox meal plan because it includes healthy and tasty meals that are easy to follow.

ChallengeBox- Berry Citrus Salad

4. They get tasty and healthy snacks each month.

They hardest part about healthy eating is finding things that are yummy! Each month our members receive a selection of healthy snack samples.

No more hassle of finding tasty snacks that they can have guilt-free.

They can easily order refills of the snacks they love from the ChallengeBox store.

5. They stay motivated by earning points and save on healthy foods.

Earning points is like earning cash back for doing something that’s good for you!

Each month they earn points which translates into savings on healthy snacks like breakfast cereals and protein bars.

6. They have fun trying new exercises each month.

Each month they get a new box with a fitness item that comes with instructions and sometimes even workout DVDs.

They stay active because the monthly workout item gives them something new to try.

7. They get tips from the weekly newsletter and the exclusive Facebook Group.

ChallengeBox members connect with other members to encourage each other, and reach their goals.

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