April 7, 2016

Resistance Cuff Exercises

LUNGES WITH RESISTANCE CUFF: (12-15 reps per side)

Standing with your Resistance Cuff wrapped around your ankles, place one foot forward.  Legs should be parallel.  Bend front knee so it’s right over ankle, back knee should be right under hips.  Straighten legs and repeat to bent position.  Do same thing with the other leg forward.



SQUATS WITH RESISTANCE CUFF: (14-20 reps / count each squat as a rep)

Standing with Resistance Cuffs around ankles with feet hip distance apart, feet parallel.  Step Right foot out wider than hip distance, both feet should still be parallel. Bend knees into a squat  bringing hips down as close to knee level as possible.  Hands can be on hips, or in front of chest palms together.  Repeat Right foot again with squat.  Repeat with Left foot to the left twice as well, then repeat back on the right.  So, 2 squats to the right, then 2 squats to the left until your fatigued.





Keeping the resistance cuff around the left ankle, unvelcro the cuff around the right ankle and place it around the middle of your right tennis shoe.  Get onto all fours, hands under shoulders and knees under hips.  Flex Right foot and press it up toward the ceiling.  Make sure to get your knee up as high as the resistance cuff will allow, then bring knee back down toward ground.  Repeat up to 15 times, then repeat on the left.  Make sure to wrap resistance cuff back around Right ankle and wrap Left cuff around Left tennis shoe on the Left side.